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Current Status of EB-5 Bridge Funding

So can EB-5 funds to be used to replace bridge financing or not? The rules have changed in the past couple of years.

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Parents Can Still Obtain Loans to Fund EB-5 for their Children

Since the February 26, 2015 USCIS SOF call, there have been people voicing concerns that the USCIS is not allowing parents to obtain loans for the purpose of funding EB-5 investments for their children. This is incorrect.

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Protecting the integrity of the EB-5 investment market through the adoption and use of due diligence best practices

The EB-5 immigrant investor program provides an important source of capital for investment in job-creating businesses in the United States, but in order to protect the market for these investments, the EB-5 community must demonstrate its commitment to the protection of EB-5 investors from fraudulent operators.

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Regional Center Designations and NAICS Codes

In the May 30, 2013 Memo, the USCIS gave regional centers the option to add on new geographic regions and NAICS codes without seeking a formal amendment. This allowed greater flexibility for regional centers to pursue different types of investment projects. However, recently there is indication that the USCIS has gone a step further with regards to NAICS codes and have completely taken them out of the regional center designation equation.

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Welcoming International Developers to the EB-5 Project Marketplace

Over the past few years, international developers have entered the United States market and launched development projects that incorporate EB-5 funding as part of the project's capital stack. Far from being a cause of concern, international developers investing money and developing U.S.-based projects is a vote of confidence in the United States.

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The Exemplar vs. Actual Pre-approval

Real examples of different types of I-924 exemplar approval letters.

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What is an Exemplar EB-5 Project? (Part 2)

What is the benefit of an exemplar project?

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What is an Exemplar EB-5 Project? (Part 1)

What exactly is an Exemplar Approved EB-5 project?

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What does President Obama’s Speech Mean for EB5?

What the Department of Homeland Security memorandum to the Director of USCIS said regarding the direction of new rules and regulations should include to carry out the Executive Action announced by President Obama.

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Chinese Citizens are now Granted 5 Year Student Visas

Traditionally granted only one-year F-1 visas regardless of their I-20 program period, Chinese students will now benefit from the ability to obtain 5-year F visas.

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